Civil Music is an independent record label and artist management company started in London in 2008 by Mark Shelley & Matthew Verovkins as a home for a diverse, global roster of musicians. Civil Music supports and develops musicians with bold mindsets to which genres and pigeonholes do not easily apply, unifying their desire to break boundaries and defy expectations.

Taken together the Civil Music output represents a cross section of modern electronic music, referencing the diversity that has always driven innovation in the many genres that fall under that umbrella. Releases on the label have included amongst others, jungle / drum n bass, hip hop, footwork, skweee, dubstep, avant garde, grime, disco, electronica, house and techno, though such facile descriptions largely do a disservice to the creativity of our artists.

We aim to let actions speak louder than words and hope with every release we increasingly deliver a stamp of approval that denotes quality, originality and visionary talent.

Partnered with our sister company Sum of Parts Publishing, we are driven by the desire to evolve the understanding of what a label is and can do.