Dylan Stark – Northern (Live)

Premiered by The Fader.

Dylan Stark’s Live Take Of “Northern” Is Entrancing Dance Music. Nocturnal rave vibes and sonic ecstasy. It’s dance music that is melancholic and reflective, while still producing the same feelings of awe and wonder that fans of the genre are always in pursuit of.

Video: Débruit shares new album teaser

Conceived by Débruit and co-directed with Romain Tardy – Atelier.

Throw me back in the sea I said
I had reached a shore I thought was the one I left
no way I’d breath again the air of greed and theft
I had been drifting for light years or a sec, they said.
I heard a synthetic accent, rhythmical as a drum
of an unknown present, I hadn’t swum.
it might have been the past, you know how time bends
I walked towards a sound, I would belong to then.
I was blinded with a strong vision in mind
colours vibrating at the top of my spine
nothing was perfect and therefore so fine
much space to accept, let’s dance outside the line

Brassica – Against the Clock for FACT TV

Against the Clock is a series on FACT TV where artists are given 10 minutes in the studio to see what they can come up with, Brassica experiments with a handful of gear that includes his workhorse, a discontinued Nord modular synth.

Brassica’s debut album, “Man is Deaf” is released 10th Nov 2014 on Civil. Order it here