new Website

Welcome to the new home of Civil Music

Welcome to the new home of Civil Music.

We’ve given the site a full redesign. The design process started a year ago. During that time, Civil Music has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. The changes are total. Our aim is to improve the experience for everyone who interacts with Civil.

We’re sure you’ll discover many changes as you use the site, but here are some of the key changes we’d like you to know about:

Civil works on mobiles and is made with multi-device usage in mind, the new site design is responsive. Clarity across mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop setups is important to us.

We’ve got a new logo. The old one hasn’t been ditched though, its always going to be part of our make up.

You can stream all of our releases in full on the site, helping users to engage with our artists and explore our catalogue.

Our new store functionality allows you to buy our releases faster and easier than ever. As always all our Vinyl releases come with a digital version in the format of your choice. And if you’re buying from your local record store (good on you, thanks for supporting them, and us) you don’t lose out either, all vinyl comes with a download code you can redeem here at the site.

Some of the new functions include our artist events listings, a comprehensive mixes archive, integration with our YouTube channel and updates to our free download series.

We encourage feedback on the new site. If you spot something is not working as we had intended then please let us know by emailing If you have spotted a factual inaccuracy, a grammatical error, spelling mistake, or just think we need to update something then please let know and we’ll make the appropriate changes. Thank you for taking the time to let us know. You can probably expect a reward for your assistance.

The new Civil site will help us showcase our upcoming releases and projects as never before, so expect to see many exciting updates in the coming weeks, months and years.

Thanks to Mark, Max, Yip and Bowbowbow for creating this website. And thanks to everyone who has supported the label and artists so far.