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Robot Hands
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  • Robot Hands
Playing With Fire
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  • Playing With Fire
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  • Holodeck
Paradise (feat Anneka)
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  • Paradise (feat Anneka)
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  • Lenses
Robot Hands (Egyptrixx Remix)
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  • Robot Hands (Egyptrixx Remix)
Robot Hands (Kaiser Remix)
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  • Robot Hands (Kaiser Remix)
Paradise (Rudi Zygadlo Remix)
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  • Paradise (Rudi Zygadlo Remix)
Paradise (ARP101 Remix)
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  • Paradise (ARP101 Remix)
Paradise (+Verb Remix)
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  • Paradise (+Verb Remix)
Playing With Fire (Ital Tek Remix)
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  • Playing With Fire (Ital Tek Remix)
Starkbot Beats Space Traitor Vol.1 (Narration by Halfcast)
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  • Starkbot Beats Space Traitor Vol.1 (Narration by Halfcast)


Space Traitor Vol. 1

EP - CIV015

Release Date: 06.12.2010

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This release comes as a 4 track 12" vinyl + 12 track CD

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Available formats: Source Audio (24 Bit Wav), mp3, Apple Lossless, FLAC, mp3HD, AAC

Part 1 of 2 – Deluxe 4 Track Vinyl with 12 Track CD Package: Remixes from Eygptrixx, ARP101, Ital Tek, +Verb, Rudi Zygadlo, Kaiser and Vocals from Anneka. Photos: Dan Wilton / Artwork: Remote Location

For those who dismiss future-bass genres as being composed solely of abrasive &/or artless sounds, and for the others that assume the bottom-heavy producers only come from London, once again Philadelphia’s hotly tipped grime/dubstep/ambient/classical/all-in-the-box innovator Starkey steps forward to defy both claims entirely. His latest intergalactic sonic expedition, ‘Space Traitor Vol 1’ – the first of two EPs – comes hot on the heels of his acclaimed long-player ‘Ear Drums And Black Holes’.

‘Space Traitor Vol, 1’ is a bold piece of work that marks another step forward in the expansion of his high definition, sci-fi ‘street bass’ sound. Conceptually and musically, the EP takes the listener to astral heights, allowing a futuristic narrative (written by the artist himself) to lace the symphonic chapters together.

Starkey explains: “The concept kind of follows the “Starkbot Beats” story that I’ve been doing for quite some time now. It started with a skit I did for the Werk Discs Grim FM compilation, and I just kind of ran with it…. using my monikers as characters in this science fiction comic book like story. But to hear the story about the “space traitor” title, people will have to pick up the release.”

Throughout the 5 adventure-laced tracks, each as unique and versatile as the last, the adept sound architect builds the slamming drums of hard-edged hip-hop atop of the glowering underbelly of future dubstep, and paints the surface with smoothed-out robo-funk and glistening melodies. Parts may be disregarded as club-focused throttlers or bassbin dwellers, but the softer side of Starkey comes playing through, showing a masterful understanding of composition: layering, dynamics, tonality, dissonance and harmonics. The opening atmospheric sounds of the EP’s lead track, ‘Robot Hands,’ give way to juddering beats and immersive, scything bass that buzzes with weight. Be warned that the full-bodied, intricately layered sounds may get lost in tinny speakers. Filtering into the sparser ‘Playing With Fire,’ complete with glorious skyscraping synths, the sounds move deep into the playful head-nodder ‘Holodeck,’ where anxious, looped strings flap wildly between an elephantine bassline and ominous orchestral builds one moment, and sweeping rose-tinted pads the next. Starkey depressurizes the cabin for a freefloating escape into bliss, ‘Paradise,’ featuring the ethereal voice of his previous collaborator, Brighton-based vocalist Anneka, and the release comes to a cinematic close with the shimmering, widescreen ‘Lenses.’

“I wanted ‘Space Traitor’ to be a compliment to the ‘Ear Drums and Black Holes’ album, which I dropped earlier this year on Planet Mu. For me, this is a bit more raw and more immediate than the ‘Ear Drums…’ album. There’s still a lot of depth to the production, but it’s more about the raw beat and energy, and less about composing epic tracks that have layer upon layer of information. I suppose it’s a bit more grime influenced, or in particular 8-bar. Of course I can’t keep things too simple, but I guess it’s my attempt at trying to capture moments of inspiration.” – Starkey

The release additionally comes equipped with six equally heavy and adventurous remixes from the likes of Night Slugs’ Egyptrixx and fellow Planet Mu artists Rudi Zygaldo an Ital Tek and more..

Space Traitor Vol 1 is available from 6th December both digitally and on 12” vinyl which will includes a free 12 track CD version of the release. Vol 2 is due out in early 2011.

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