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  • Otacon
Armored Core
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  • Armored Core
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  • Hemisphere
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  • Hyperglide
Channel Pressure
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  • Channel Pressure
Mindgames (Digital only)
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  • Mindgames (Digital only)



EP - CIV011

Release Date: 11.01.2010

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Available formats: Source Audio (24 Bit Wav), mp3, Apple Lossless, FLAC, mp3HD, AAC

Reso’s third release for Civil Music, Temjin EP, is 6 tracks across 2 slabs of musical genius that simultaneously moves a whole spectrum of electronic genres forward while further cementing his place as the overlord of hi-tech dubstep. On Temjin wobble, hypercrunk, breaks, wonky, hip-hop and D n B all receive the treatment. Reso’s deep musicality, incredible skill, intricate programming and wildly diverse references place him at the peak of a new breed of electronic producers. Otacon, the lead track, and Armored Core are the big ones for the dubstep massive to get crazy with in the dance. Fans of “If You Can’t Beat Em” and “Heavy Arms” will not be disappointed here. Hemisphere is a liquid epic. Lush and deep, Pulsing and driven while soulful, intelligent atmospherics cocoon you with warmth throughout. Hyperglide twitches and skips into something undeniably incredible. A future hip-hop, hyper crunk monster programmed to perfection. Its uncontrollable beats spill effortlessly over the hypercolor final boss synths and set a new bench mark. On Channel Pressure Reso touches down in LA with dangerously laid back future hip-hop and lolloping funk. A track has already put Fly Lo’s west coast scene on high alert to Reso’s imminent takeover. The release wraps out with the killer, drum and bass genre-redefining, Mind games. The last drum break of which will make people cry on the dance floor then explode. Styles unheard made unmistakable. The sonic counterpart to roaring robotic futurism, Reso’s hybrid of rising ambience, hyper beats and speaker busting tech-basslines feels more suited to a post apocalyptic Tokyo than the contemporary concrete of most Dubstep. A truly visual experience Temjin’s mech-mania induced synthesesia conjures images of neon-tinged neo-Japanese cityscapes, powerful hulking automatons and violent bassline machismo. Temjin will open new musical worlds for the wider electronic audience and rewards the playstation generation, loyal club kids and seasoned steppers who go wild for Reso’s productions already. Reso’s meld of references will draw fans from all realms of the electronic spectrum. Emotive and unique, Reso’s new rhythmic possibilities and perfectly chaotic programming make this essential for fans of Dubstep through Techno to IDM, from Skream to Thom Yorke to Rustie via Bukem. As Reso moves towards his debut album for Civil Music and with this, yet another sensational release, Reso’s sonic take over is surely underway. Temjin marks the begining of Reso’s career redefining electronic music. Undeniabley not where you would expect such musical genius to stem from. But then no-one can predict genius, especially not one so humbly masterful. Reso’s artwork is a perfect compliment to his sound. Hawaii Design has moved Reso’s Manga stylings forward, to match his post-Mecha soundscape. The old outlined manga beast has been replaced by a slicker, more deliberate machine – reflecting the development of Reso’s style. Vital.

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