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  • Ishimura
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  • Vanquish
Ishimura (Evol Intent Remix)
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  • Ishimura (Evol Intent Remix)
Ishimura (Drop the Lime's Dark Tunnels Remix)
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  • Ishimura (Drop the Lime's Dark Tunnels Remix)



EP - CIV029

Release Date: 21.11.2011

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Available formats: Source Audio (24 Bit Wav), mp3, Apple Lossless, FLAC, mp3HD, AAC

Reso returns with the Ishimura EP and further showcases his production excellence. Reso’s unique brand of hi-tech dubstep and sinister electronics are exquisitely presented across tracks ‘Ishimura’ and ‘Vanquish’ The package is completed with remixes from D’n’B aficionados Evol Intent and Trouble and Bass’ Drop the Lime. From the outset ‘Ishimura’ is ominously futuristic.

The foreboding sample of the eponymous title track introduces you to its creator’s highly claustrophobic world, where threatening snares cut through dark atmospherics. Crunching industrialised melodies and an intricate use of space pin the listener down. While from the shadows while sharp metallics menace; this is the calm before the storm. An impossible crescendo follows next. Impeccably executed by its creator and set against a swung half time beat, all elements of the track lock in and unleash an assault of monstrous sonics.

No less intense ‘Vanquish’ continues Reso’s unnerving journey. More hostile tension forges the way for a ricocheting beat while unearthly sounds circle wildly. Vanquish is enveloped in a pulsating high voltage bassline which rolls on into darkness before recoiling only once to rear up and display it’s makers full armory. A humbling display of detailed drum programming, micro-edits and low-end manipulation, that like previous outings such as ‘Mind Games’ (Temjin EP) and War Machine (Valken EP), showcase a producer working to standards unattainable by most.

On the flip Ishimura is remixed. Evol Intent are first in line and don’t disappoint. The highly respected Atlanta based trio take an unrelenting approach, keeping the vibe of the original they switch up the rhythm and tempo for a hard hitting D’n’B revision with a half time feel.

Drop the Lime’s Dark Tunnels remix is aptly named, diversifying ‘Ishimura’, shuffling the claustrophobia for vast spatial atmospherics. Clanging, foreboding clashes echo, creating a sense of almost agoraphobic dread. Tense percussion builds as the focus switches to the unnerving synths of the original.

Ishimura is released on 21/11/11 on 12” Vinyl and Download and is the fifth in a series of genre redefining releases for Civil Music (after “If Ya Can’t Beat Em”, “Heavy Arms”, “Temjin EP” and “Valken EP”)

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