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Been Lookin (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)
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  • Been Lookin (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)
Freeze The Star (XLII Remix)
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  • Freeze The Star (XLII Remix)
Vibrate (XI Remix)
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  • Vibrate (XI Remix)
Paperball (Raja Remix)
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  • Paperball (Raja Remix)


Supaplex Remixed

EP - CIV043

Release Date: 08.10.2012

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Available formats: Source Audio (24 Bit Wav), mp3, Apple Lossless, FLAC, mp3HD, AAC

‘Supaplex Remixed’ sees Chrissy Murderbot, XI, XLII and Raja revising the four advanced dancefloor cuts that made up ‘Supaplex’, Pixelord’s debut outing for Civil Music.

Pixelord is the artistic moniker of Moscovite Alexey Devyanin who heads up the Hyperbolid Label/crew and is at the forefront of an exciting new chapter for his country’s club music. Supaplex traversed a wealth of influences leading the way through Russian juke, emotive digitalism and half-stepping bass works, championing the heavy-hitting rhythms of a new Russian beats scene and beyond. Covered at length by XLR8R, Pitchfork, MTV, Vice and more this small band of producers are making international waves with Pixelord at the helm. On ‘Supaplex Remixed’ Pixelord looked to artists that he admired. The results more than justifying his taste…

Chicago’s Chrissy Murderbot (Planet Mu / Loose Squares) opens… taking on the unmistakably Chi-Town indebted beat patterns of ‘Been Lookin’. The Mid-West producer turns on his heels and heads back trans-atlantic, touching down on UK soil with flashes of jungle breakbeats full to the brim with remnants of raves gone by. Warm bass booms heavy and smooth under the R&B vocal hooks. Footwork-jungle bizness.

Toyko’s highly respected XLII (Civil Music / Raid Systems) delivers his ‘Space Opera Remix’ of ‘Freeze the Star’. The producer’s first outing since the hi-tech dynamics of Neon High EP is just as dangerous as you’d expect. The Q-Tips vocal is pitched down, the beat heavier and more expansive than the original, full of hip-hop swagger, low swung dancefloor bounce and thunderously gangster bass weight.

Berlin based Canadian producer XI (Orca / Lo Dubs / Surefire Sound) charges his remix of ‘Vibrate’ with shuffling, stepping post-Garage drum programming. Stealthily arranging elements of the polyrhythmic UK funky inspired original over a scuffed groove and deft dub bass he crafts a refined roller wrapped in atmospheric percussion and ornamented with dusty chords for that loping deep technoid feel.

The final part of the package sees Raja throwing a curveball. The prolific teenage NYC hiphop producer (he released 3 albums last year on Brooklyn’s excellent Astro Nautico alone, and has released music under an array of moniker’s, most notably InfinitiRock for Sufjan Stevens Asthmatic Kitty Label) deconstructs the frenetically percussive ‘Paperball’ stripping it back to its elements. His remix feels separated from the original and his production in general but the resulting piece – a looping techno beat growing out of distant digital ambience – is effortless and emotive. Steeped in warm haze and spaced out atmospherics it reminds us of Darling Farah in its lightweight reduction and sparse palette.

Supaplex Remixed is released 8th Oct 2012 on Civil Music and follows the original ‘Supaplex’ which was released Sept 2012 also on Civil Music.

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