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Four Pins
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  • Four Pins
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  • Rise
Cafe Torrefies
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  • Cafe Torrefies
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  • Nolita
Rise (Jon Convex Remix) (Digital Only)
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  • Rise (Jon Convex Remix) (Digital Only)
Rise (Darling Farah Remix) (Digital Only)
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  • Rise (Darling Farah Remix) (Digital Only)



EP - CIV055

Release Date: 29.04.2013

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Available formats: Source Audio (24 Bit Wav), mp3, Apple Lossless, FLAC, mp3HD, AAC

State is the debut from Ore, this is techno deftly delivered. Four original tracks showcasing an artist ready to make their mark plus remixes from Darling Farah and Jon Convex.

A debut that stands out ‘State’ showcases an artist ready to make their mark. Prime-time Berghain techno functions are triangulated with Detroit in 1987, Birmingham in 1997 and London right now. The result is sumptuously textured asymmetric dance music. Richly harmonic, expressionist techno that takes in pneumatic hi-tech funk, warehouse-maddening propulsive hydraulic and rarefied low frequency dub chords. Complete with laboratory-precise edits, cold, crystalline sampling and skeletal machine effects Ore recall’s Richie Hawtin’s Plastikman all the while keeping a rooted afro-rhythmic swing reminiscent of Theo Parrish with shuffling hi-hats, deep bass and strokes of barely-tamed percussion.

‘Four Pins’ combines the most effective elements of South London and Detroit disciplines with dub signal to create an outright killer. Tightly coiled it’s razor-sharp sounds piston around a stripped warehouse thump and tension-cranking square wave bass. Four Pins high-precision techno is industrial and cavernous yet it aligns effortlessly with the jacking, teutonic rhythms that grow out of the floating atmospheres of ‘Rise’. Exquisitely balanced by agile percussion and the perfect amount of reverb and decay, vocal shards, warm pads and mechanical stabs develop across the serene subtle high-frequencies and punctuate the rolling expansive breakbeat patterns.

‘Cafe Torrefies’ is more cyclic, more raw. It’s hardstepping effect is softened by warm chords and a hazed sensibility that reveals an inner mechanism of grit and complexity. As we see across ‘State’ rich edits and micro-funk samples construct a dizzying blur that our navigator is able to harness and re-present with a stunning degree of finesse.

On closing track ‘Nolita’ Ore shows again his ability to craft brave multi-sectioned epics a dense sub heavy kick, a rusted, railing vintage machine rhythm and barely-tamed percussion the kind that’ll slice off your ear if you don’t step correct are transposed with dark and often suspenseful cinematic touches

The EP closes with 2 remixes of ‘Rise’. Jon Convex re-sculpts with a deeply padded bass and delicate melody before a Reese style bassline erupts, its the kind of big room sonics tinged with moments of classic electro that’s marked the best of his work. Darling Farah’s remix, full of his trademark spatial atmospherics, deconstructs the teutonics into a deep tension-cranking locked groove that dazzles darkly and pensively.

This is advanced body music of exceptional quality and potency and your turntables want it. Ore – State EP is released 29th April 2013 on Civil Music. Ore is 23 years old.