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Swimming Dragon
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  • Swimming Dragon
An Eternal Way
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  • An Eternal Way
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  • Vibrations
Cold World
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  • Cold World
Vibrations (Machinedrum Remix) (Digital Only)
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  • Vibrations (Machinedrum Remix) (Digital Only)
Swimming Dragon (Ital Tek Remix) (Digital Only)
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  • Swimming Dragon (Ital Tek Remix) (Digital Only)

Om Unit


EP - CIV031

Release Date: 28.11.2011

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Available formats: Source Audio (24 Bit Wav), mp3, Apple Lossless, FLAC, mp3HD, AAC

Om Unit returns with ‘Transport’ a four track EP of blissful, instrumental, mechanical soul. Transport’s strength lies in the leeway afforded to the listener, rewarding patience and immersion, the EP allows those that truly engage to digest and appreciate it’s many qualities and those of it’s persistently excellent creator. Transport showcases both exceptional production and creative excellence, yet never does form displace method or vice versa. The eminence of ‘Transport’ is echoed in its remixers; revered producers Machinedrum and Ital Tek both contribute revisions to this astonishing package.

Transport opens with ‘Swimming Dragon’. A rigid percussive structure underpins an array of howling synths that surround harmoniously before multiplying into a haunting cinematic workout. Then just as the listener is fully enclosed, Om Unit manipulates the flux and flow, teleporting you into another realm where low end frequencies and floating spatial atmospherics spin faster and draw ever tighter.

The dream-like ‘Eternal Way’ continues in similar vein, heavenly vocal samples float on waves of skittering, energetic percussion. A poignant piano interjects, providing an enlightening succession that reinforces the enchanting ethereal nature of the track. ‘Vibrations’ contrasts a rough bassline and rounded percussion with the airy atmosphere that contains them. Imploding toms and lone delayed snares are the order of the day while a lazy bassline strolls over the top. Echoing, soulful synths overlap each other, reaching ever higher as the track climaxes. ‘Cold World’ enforces a swinging off-centre tempo, resonating, reflecting synths emerge, followed closely by modulated keys and glistening atmosphere. “Fuck the ghetto, think about space”

Rounding up the package are 2 excellent remixes. Machinedrum delivers a footwork rework of ‘Vibrations’ that ups the energy levels and warps the bassline into a much darker, foreboding being. While Ital Tek adds sinister overtones to his take on ‘Swimming Dragon’. Calculated and ominous in it’s approach it loses none of the spacious atmospherics that are essential to the track. Captivating strings are added to the mix to create a well-rounded piece of ambitious proportions.

Transport is Om Unit’s second release for Civil Music and follows the critically acclaimed ‘Timps EP’. Om Unit is currently attending Red Bull Music Academy class of 2011 in Madrid. So expect more intrigue on his return that will further cement his status as one of electronic music’s most pioneering and unique frontrunners.

Look out for upcoming remixes for Kromestar, Illum Sphere, Daedelus, Om’mas Keith and Gbenga Adelekan (Metronomy) and search out his applauded revisions of Starkey, Kidkanevil, Naïve Machine, Adam Freeland, Foreign Beggars, Stateless and Silent Dust for labels such as Ninja Tune, Ghostly International and Alpha Pup. Also available are his collaborations with ARP101, Lorn and Kromestar and be sure to keep a close eye on his fledgling label par-excellence ‘Cosmic Bridge’. The future is bright for Jim Coles AKA Om Unit.

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