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Raise Your Eyebrows
-:-- | -:--
  • Raise Your Eyebrows
Falling In Love
-:-- | -:--
  • Falling In Love
Same As It Never Was
-:-- | -:--
  • Same As It Never Was
Check Out My Keychain
-:-- | -:--
  • Check Out My Keychain
She Made It Easy
-:-- | -:--
  • She Made It Easy
Pay Me
-:-- | -:--
  • Pay Me
Sing What You Want
-:-- | -:--
  • Sing What You Want
Three Lonely Girls
-:-- | -:--
  • Three Lonely Girls
-:-- | -:--
  • Shake
String Vinyl Bell
-:-- | -:--
  • String Vinyl Bell
Gonna Have To Wait
-:-- | -:--
  • Gonna Have To Wait
Blood And Tongue
-:-- | -:--
  • Blood And Tongue
You Can Have Me Right Now
-:-- | -:--
  • You Can Have Me Right Now
One For The Money
-:-- | -:--
  • One For The Money
A Superstar
-:-- | -:--
  • A Superstar
Track 16
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  • Track 16



Album - CIV005

Release Date: 20.04.2009

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The debut artist album from hotly tipped Kotchy is here and itʼs living upto all expectations. Now is the time for ʻ89ʼ.

Kotchy is without doubt a pretty unique presence in todayʼs sonic spectrum. His music is hard to categorise, in fact he touches on so many different styles throughout the 16 tracks on ʻ89ʼ that itʼs understandable why heʼs being filed alongside the musical geniuses of Prince, Pharrell and Beck, itʼs not that heʼs necessarily reached their heady heights yet, but like them heʼs not scared to break the boundaries of what pop music can be. Born in Indianapolis but based in Brooklyn, New York, Kotchy (aka Chad Curlow) is a man whoʼs being plying his trade for a number of years, although very much a newcomer as a solo artist itʼs his past working as a well-travelled musician that has armed him so well. As a drummer and producer, Kotchy has worked with some of the finest names in New Yorkʼs hip-hop underground as well as playing in revered NY bands The Epochs, White Tiger and Violet with members of Fischerspooner, Rufus Wainright, Joan As Police Woman and Polyphonic Spree. Where Curlow has always been used on a percussive level in other bands, as Kotchy heʼs been able to explore melody with other instruments (he plays nearly everything you hear on ʻ89ʼ) and discover his distinctive hushed-style vocals that feature throughout.

An album in the truest sense, itʼs cleverly constructed to be more than just a collection of songs, it will take more than a couple of listens to notice everything thatʼs brilliant about this album but you will come away wanting more after just one play. Stand out tracks such as ʻFalling In Loveʼ, ʻCheck Out My Keychainʼ, ʻShe Made It Easyʼ, ʻSing What You Wantʼ, ʻOne For The Moneyʼ and ʻA Superstarʼsupply the backbone for the rest of the album, acting as a spine where Kotchy can venture off in one direction and return from another. Thereʼs no denying he makes it all sound easy, whether itʼs a quirky instrumental or the “Timberlake-style soul pop”,thereʼs a thread running throughout that joins it all together and puts everything in context. Lyrically, his sense of humor shines through. On ʻA Superstarʼ, Kotchy suggests, “Strip for me baby, and Iʼll do it too” and in ʻFalling In Loveʼ, he questions, “I donʼt want to hurry and stress you, but you donʼt seem to mind.” Relationships and American culture are prominent themes lyrically and musically throughout ’89′, cutting a diverse array of samples and synths into a fantastic debut release.

Look out for his Le Passion Yo! (EP) with Yo Majestyʼs Shunda K coming soon, along with collabs with Starkey, 215 TFK and XXXchange plus his remixes for Empire of The Sun, Tricky and Fischerspooner. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy ʻ89ʼ – itʼs more than just a number.

NME: “Meet the angst-ridden anti-Pharrell. Heʼs been making like Prince with a hard-on for the static-swathed glitch-pop that Flying Lotus made cool in ʼ08.”

MIXMAG: “Club-savvy Timberlake-like soul pop.”

INDEPENDENT:“There are increasing signs, especially on the New York fringes where rock, rap and electro merge, that dance music is diversifying. Brooklyn hipster Kotchyʼs quirky blend of house, hip-hop and rock are currently earning him comparisons with Pharrell.”