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01 Mega City Industry
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  • 01 Mega City Industry
02 Shinra
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Ital Tek

Mega City Industry

EP - CIV061

Release Date: 07.04.2014

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Available formats: Source Audio (24 Bit Wav), mp3, Apple Lossless, FLAC, mp3HD, AAC

Mega City Industry is Ital Tek’s sophomore effort for Civil Music. Formed of four liquid hybrids exploring Footwork’s accelerated template the EP splices the rhythmic memes of Chicago with UK sci-fi sonics rooted in classic ’90s AI and jungle music.

With three albums for Planet Mu to his name and an uncanny knack of always sounding completely unique Ital Tek has been evolving his dexterous dance-floor electronica, techy IDM, glitch-hop and post-dubstep forms for approaching a decade. Impressively adept at shrugging off the constraints of genre identification his output has most recently been inspired by the febrility and tension/release of Chicago Footwork rhythms.

In addition to releasing on his own Atom River imprint Myson is now a regular contributor to Civil Music and his 2013 debut for the label ‘Hyper Real’ further revealed his stylistic slipperiness. Morphing the rhythmic geometry around footwork’s 160BPM tempo the release’s highly melodic, nimble dance-floor sophistication was equal parts cerebral and hedonistic.

‘Mega City Industry’ continues where he left off and for an artist that has never put a foot wrong, with a catalogue which must be the envy of the vast majority of electronic musicians, it is with some gravitas we suggest that Mega City Industry is his most engaging work to date. Blending widescreen space and chimeric panorama with iron-fist industrial rhythms and cosmic dread Myson draws subtle, sinuous electronic connections between complex rhythm structures, sleek synth contours, frozen ambience and the darkside rush of growling bass. Rendered with breathtaking sound design the production is almost unfathomable – crisp and airy whilst pneumatic and heavy. Brimming in sensation, tempered skill and emotional mastery Mega City Industry is a sophisticated and expertly reduced EP.

An artist making some of the most exciting incursions in footwork to date Ital Tek continues to tour the world with his breathtaking live performances. Mega City Industry is released on 7th April 2014 on Civil Music. 12” and Download. Artwork by Edward Myson.

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