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Hyper Real
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  • Hyper Real
Re Entry
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  • Re Entry
The Flood
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  • The Flood
Froze Up
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  • Froze Up
The Flood (Throwing Snow Remix) (Digital Only)
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  • The Flood (Throwing Snow Remix) (Digital Only)
Hyper Real (Deft Remix) (Digital Only)
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  • Hyper Real (Deft Remix) (Digital Only)

Ital Tek

Hyper Real

EP - CIV046

Release Date: 04.02.2013

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Available formats: Source Audio (24 Bit Wav), mp3, Apple Lossless, FLAC, mp3HD, AAC

Hyper Real is Ital Tek’s first transmission for Civil Music. Four original tracks exploring exploring footwork’s rhythmic palette, plus remixes from Deft and Throwing Snow.

With three albums for Planet Mu to his name Alan Myson has been evolving his dextrous dancefloor electronica, techy IDM-driven dubstep, glitch-hop and post-dubstep forms for approaching a decade. Impressively adept at shrugging off the constraints of genre identification, Hyper Real further reveals Myson’s stylistic slipperiness. Inspired by the febrility and tension/release of Chicago Footwork rhythms – and continuing where his recent long player for Planet Mu, ‘Nebula Dance’, left off – Hyper Real EP sees Ital Tek again morphing the rhythmic geometry around footwork’s 160BPM and further advancing his instinctive, deep and melodic arrangements, dramatic drum work and impressionistic synths.

Highly melodic and itchily infectious EP Title track ‘Hyper Real’ opens with it’s furious yet nimble programming. Dense rushing atmosphere builds around the percussion and lush swirling arpeggios. A Sub heavy kick coats proceedings in slick futuristic slow-fast dancefloor sophistication before a satisfying syntheses of dreamy instrumentation, vocal shards and held bass note chords make for breathless finale. On ‘Re Entry’ warpspeed soundscapes are underpinned by a growling saw bass. The dissonant energy and torque of the rumbling footwork rhythms are seemingly engineered from the compatible DNA of rawer DnB and driving cyclic techno. Tough pneumatic percolation, punctuated by wild snare hits and running high hats, is expertly balanced with moments of luxury, as etherial melodies rise and fall energising the propulsive intensity of the track.

The Flood showcases more sweet melodic syncopation and arpeggiation held tight by late night urgency and dynamic sub-bass. The rhythmic energy rises with every passing bar, beautifully executed off key attacks on piano crescendos hide within intricately plotted double-time/half-time percussive evolutions and seemingly rewound drum programming. ‘Froze Up’ is more spacious than its counterparts, and here Myson explores the dynamic tension between space and detail amongst liquid soundscapes as skittish drums combine with decaying vocal samples to give the most introspective moment of the EP. The package is completed by remixes from Throwing Snow and Deft. The former’s slows ‘The Flood’ to 100BPM, the synths swelling and pulsing around the now discoid rhythm while the later morphs ‘Hyper Real’ with tight edits and quick fire dexterity into a raw slow-fast half stepper.

Equal parts cerebral and hedonistic, Hyper Real’s fluid melodic work-outs and gliding synths combine with energetic and precise production to make for one of the most engaging incursions to the footwork to date. Hyper Real is released on 4th Feb 2013 on Civil Music. 12” and Download. Artwork by Edward Myson.

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