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149 Dalston Airline
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  • 149 Dalston Airline
Persian Funk
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  • Persian Funk
K.O. Debout
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  • K.O. Debout
Nigeria What?
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  • Nigeria What?


Spatio Temporel

EP - CIV012

Release Date: 11.01.2010

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Available formats: Source Audio (24 Bit Wav), mp3, Apple Lossless, FLAC, mp3HD, AAC

débruit’s ‘Spatio Temporel’ EP is a voyage through international influences taking in, and tweaking out, sounds associated with the Middle East, Europe, West Coast America and Africa. Synth-funk futurist dEbruit follows ‘Let’s Post Funk 12”’ with this four-track tour de force which looks set to further cement his status as one of electronic music’s most exciting, boundary-breaking talents.

The adventure kicks off with ‘KO Debout’, where swallowed vocoder-style vocals unite with the ‘kalimba’ thumb piano, a traditional African instrument whose origins date back 3000 years. The hand claps and fizzing synths of Persian Funk adopt a Middle Eastern vibe, before ’149 Dalston Airlines’ and ‘Nigeria What?’ see débruit venturing back into the heart of Africa. Both deploy the unique percussion of the Yoruba people, a 30 million strong ethnic group from West Africa, with finale ‘Nigeria What?’ homing in on the joyous, twanging ‘Highlife’ guitar sound.

Born and raised in Brittany, the sonically flamboyant Frenchman has become synonymous with high-calibre, genre-defying synthetic music crowned with a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’.

The Spatio ‘Temporel’ EP – like débruit’s Let’s Post Funk – comes with special 3-D artwork by German designer Rainbowmonkey. 3-D glasses are included for your viewing pleasure.

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