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Darling Farah


EP - CIV030

Release Date: 21.11.2011

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Available formats: Source Audio (24 Bit Wav), mp3, Apple Lossless, FLAC, mp3HD, AAC

Darling Farah’s third release for Civil. The Detroit-born producer offers four tracks that journey further into deep house, techno and machine-soul. Dream-like qualities wash over the listener they contrast perfectly with an offbeat, energetic 4/4 backbone. Division will undoubtedly solidify the hype around it’s precociously talented 19 year old producer and add more critical acclaim to that already received from his previous releases, ‘Berline’ and ‘EXXY’.

The eponymous title track ‘Division’ contains a rigid tempo reinforced by wispy synth work, echoing percussion, haunting vocals and a rolling, bouncing bassline. The aural textures that Darling Farah has rapidly become known for are showcased as you would expect; each element is moulded together seamlessly to create a single, transcending amalgamation of concentrated sound. ‘Division’ never forgets its roots, and unhampered by the beauty of its construct, is a jacking club workout exuding warmth, groove and subtle euphorics.

‘Grace’ showcases stuttering percussion that is effortless in its execution. Synths stab while emotive distorted chords mix with distant vocals that gasp their way through the track, disappearing as quickly as they arrive. The track is minimal yet relentless in it’s approach, providing a spacious and patient ambience.

‘Foreign’ takes things up a notch, diving straight into an energetic, swinging tempo. Understated yet tribal & anthemic. Throughout ‘Division, Darling Farah treads a fine line between contrasts, blending together dancefloor and home listening effortlessly, and it’s just as apparent in ‘Foreign’. The airy atmosphere of the track isn’t superseded by its vigorous execution, a trait that suggests a producer wise beyond his years.

‘Model’ provides the crescendo moment of the EP, a wonderful, textual environment that rewards immersion and immediacy in tandem. Warm, organic synths pervade throughout, layered on top of an orchestra of percussive techniques that all come together to create a spectrum of soulful sound, impeccably produced, taut and bound together in it’s nature.

On ‘Division’ Darling Farah’s use of space and texture, the variations in density, rhythm and percussion and the constant duality of purpose creates a unique and engaging body of work; one that isn’t out of place within the confines of your earphones or on the dancefloor.

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