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  • Fallout
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  • Thorium
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  • Jolt
Magellanic Clouds
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  • Magellanic Clouds
Fallout (Goth-Trad Remix) (Digital Only)
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  • Fallout (Goth-Trad Remix) (Digital Only)
Magellanic Clouds (Deft Remix) (Digital Only)
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  • Magellanic Clouds (Deft Remix) (Digital Only)

Danny Scrilla

Fluxus EP

EP - CIV051

Release Date: 25.02.2013

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Available formats: Source Audio (24 Bit Wav), mp3, Apple Lossless, FLAC, mp3HD, AAC

Fluxus is Danny Scrilla’s first transmission for Civil Music and the Munich based producer’s second release. Following on from 2012′s Flash Powder EP for Om Unit’s ‘Cosmic Bridge’ label, ‘Fluxus’ sees Scrilla in expected fine form, and takes in four original neck snapping instrumental tracks plus two remixes from Japan’s Deep Medi member Goth-Trad and London producer and one to watch Deft.

On Fluxus Scrilla’s productions run at 80-90BPM / 160-180 BPM exploiting slowfast halftime tempos yet are seemingly engineered from the sonic essence of ’06 OG dubstep’s dark sparse dreadnought sounds, with waves of quaking bass growing under iced-out percussion accentuated by toiling snares. Floating chords and hypnotic melodies drive skeletal riddims, sci-fi synthlines arc over the spacious heavyweight ruffage built for towering stacks and pitch-black rooms.

Fallout syncs tensil¬e drums with stoic, pulsing sub-bass and glacial atmospheric detailing. Explosive claps sustain the heavyweight halfstep patterns until every atom within its proximity is quivering with kinetic potential. Thorium’s dubbed out synth funk takes in yet more melodic and muscular bass contractions. Widescreen visions and elastic subs are covered in waves of intricate and shimmering musicbox melodies.

Jolt’s bass weight and precise drum clarity switches up Scrilla’s halftime tempos with a meaner, colder look in its eye. Out of the driving whipcrack Clave rhythm heavyweight plate tectonics groan before pulsing in and out of a bustling double-timed flex. The highly arpeggiated Magellanic Clouds opens slow and steamy, perforated by explosive snares it drops out to a stepping high torque bounce and subtle triplet skank patterns as it plays on a dread, minimal halfstep bounce.

Remixes from Japanese Deep Medi member Goth-Trad and über talented young London producer Deft close the package. Goth-Trad’s distorted re-transmission of Fallout rumbles out of deep space covered in with glitched detail and haunting melody and adds synthetic chords and layered melody to the already imposing arpeggiated leads. Deft adds pneumatic footwork rhythms to the icy dread of Magellanic Clouds. Syncing busy drums with stoic sub-bass and precise atmospheric detailing he makes heavy with tribal body-warping bounce.

Released 25th Feb 2013 on Civil Music 12” Vinyl & Download with Artwork by Pete Hawkes.