Mix: Brassica for Femur Club, Madrid

1. Mfsb ‘K Jee’
2. Brainticket ‘Places Of Light’
3. Bomb the Bass ‘Dynamite Beats’
4. Silver Bullet ‘Bring Forth The Guillotine’
5. Can ‘Sunday Jam’
6. Dj Spooky ‘In The Valley Of Shadows’
7. Mother’s Finest ‘Truth’ll Set You Free’
8. Martyn ‘Viper’
9. Ragga Twins ‘Hooligan 69’
10. Human League ‘4jg’
11. Kapital Band 1 ‘This Is What We Want’
12. Bent ‘Always (Ashley Beedle’s Mahavishnu Remix)’
13. Cannibal Holocaus (Main Theme) ‘Riz Ortolan’