What are your Terms and Conditions?


Civil Music sells physical products, downloads of music, data, goods and services to you subject to the terms and conditions set out below. By using the Civil Music website, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Your details will remain private. See the Privacy Policy section of the Civil Music website for full details here



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Obviously we want this website to be available around the world, 24/7 but this is not always possible. We will do our best to maintain access.

We publish the Civil Music website for the use and viewing of all interested parties, but its entire contents, text, data files and images are copyright and may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose without our express written consent.

Please do not attempt to break, hack or alter our site – It took us many hours, days and weeks of loving care and thought to put together.

“Parental Advisory Warning” – It is possible that, from time to time, some people might regard our work as unsuitable for minors under the age of 18, although we do not hold this view. If you are under the age of 18, you should consider reviewing these terms and conditions with your parent or guardian first. Parents, please view the site and listen to its content at your own discretion and allow access accordingly. Please understand that we cannot be held liable for material you deem to be unsuitable.



We shall make every effort to ensure that downloads which you have purchased are available for collection immediately or at any time within thirty days of the date of purchase. However it is possible that at times of very heavy demand or in case of exceptional technical problems you may be requested to collect your file(s) at another time.



After an item has been purchased and downloaded onto your Data Storage Device (e.g. computer, or any medium on which data can be stored, whether existing now or in the future), you are permitted to have such copies be made available for your own private and domestic use only.



These conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. You agree, as we do, to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


What is your privacy policy?

We will look after all your data securely. Any personal information you give us about yourself may be stored by us and may be disclosed to, processed and used by ourselves. Your data will be available to Civil Music for the purposes of providing you with information about artists, releases, products and services which may be of interest to you. Civil Music will never store or process customers payment credit card data; Our store is powered by Topspin who also never store or process customers credit card data; instead, Topspin use a partner (GlobalCollect) whose specialty is card security. All credit card data is encrypted and then sent to GlobalCollect.

We will not disclose your information to any other third parties. You must keep secret any personal identification numbers or other security codes that Civil Music gives you for access to the shop system, and comply with all reasonable instructions that Civi Music issues in relation to keeping such personal details safe. You should also make sure that any internet payment transaction you make is done in a secure environment. So make sure no one is looking over your shoulder and you are confident in the security of your connection and computer.


Can I cancel my order or return my purchases?


We cannot guarantee to cancel items from an order. If you want to cancel your order, please notify us as soon as possible. It may be that your order has already been despatched so we are unable to stop it. The only opportunity we have to cancel is prior to despatch. Cancellation requests must be sent by email, quoting your order number to shop@civilmusic.com. Download purchases cannot be cancelled.


We do not accept returns of download products, but offer a returns policy on all physical items under the following conditions:

All items are guaranteed to be brand new and should reach you in perfect condition. We will only replace items that are defective, have been damaged or sent in error. This is subject to the buyer notifying us within five working days of receipt of the goods and giving a description of the damage / defect and we will replace the item as quickly as we can. Do not send items back without our permission. Report faulty items by email to shop@civilmusic.com and we will send you return instructions. You have the right to return items to us for any reason within seven days of receipt, and we will refund you the amount charged for the item as part of your order. Items must be returned unused and unopened. Any postage paid as part of your order is none refundable and we will not cover your return shipping costs.

We are not able to accept returns of individual items sold as part of a bundled deal or promotion or special offer. Special terms apply to all physical products that come with digital audio files; when returning the physical item if you have already downloaded this digital files you will only receive a refund for the difference in cost between the digital and physical item.

Please note, if you opt to ship via any standard mail service, while an affordable solution this can in some cases prove unreliable, you automatically agree to the following shipping terms: We will not be able to provide you with order status once the package has been shipped. Your order can take up to 4 weeks to be delivered in the UK, 8 Weeks Internationally. If your shipment is lost, we will not be able to offer a refund. If your shipment is returned undeliverable, we will charge you to resend it or we will issue you a one-time use store credit for the value of the goods ordered only.

More details are provided below.


Please note that the Purchaser is solely responsible for: Choices made regarding colour, size, or items purchased. Reading all information about audio file formats, image file formats, resolutions, and downloading. Carefully evaluating the attributes of all Civil Music site offerings and bundled packages to ensure they meet the exact specifications you are looking for. Not allowing children or other unauthorised family members or friends to access your credit cards or your account at the payment site to ensure that no one pays for a purchase without your express permission.

Q:The item is has not arrived, what should I do?
A: We will replace the item if you selected a “Recorded” delivery option. Please contact us via shop@civilmusic.com and we will promptly get back to you. We may ask you to wait up to 2 weeks before deeming an item lost, but generally with UK customers, orders should be with you within two days of despatch. European customers orders should be with you within three/four days of despatch. Rest of World customers orders should be with you within four/five days of despatch.

Q: The item is faulty or has been damaged in transit, what should I do?
A: We will replace any faulty item free of charge. Please contact us via shop@civilmusic.com and we will promptly get back to you. In the event of your order arriving damaged, or in the rare event it is faulty or flawed, please contact us as soon as possible and include both pictures of the packaging and specific damage or faults. We may require you to return the damaged or faulty item(s), but you will be reimbursed for your return postage. Please do not return items to us without contacting us first and receiving confirmation to return them.

Q: My download is failing and I am unable to get access to my files?
A: If you experience a problem when downloading material or encounter a broken link then please inform us immediately by sending an email to shop@civilmusic.com, giving details of item, date/time and any relevant order number you may have. If any download file persistently fails to complete, in agreement with you and at our discretion, we may withdraw your access to the file and will refund the full value of the file to you.


I have a question about my order. Who can I contact?

For customer services requests, email us at: shop@civilmusic.com

We only sell brand new products, not used items. All products we carry are in stock and can be despatched quickly. If for any reason an item is not available for despatch immediately we will try and contact you and keep you informed of the progress of your order. (in addition if your item is a pre-order please see notes about pre-orders below)

Answers to some common questions are below – these also form part of our Terms and Conditions

Q: I want to buy a Civil Music release on vinyl or CD. Can I have a download as well?
A: Yes. All our physical products come with a full digital version of the release to download.

Q: How long does it take to ship my order?
A: We aim to ship all orders as quickly as possible. This generally means the same day or before the end of the next working day.

Q: If I order more than one item will you discount my shipping?
A: Yes. Shipping charges are discounted for multiple items. Discounts are applied automatically. Shipping is calculated based on weight.

Q: How do you send my order?
A: All orders are sent via Royal Mail services. You can choose from standard or recorded services. For standard services in the UK, we use Royal Mail First Class Post, for exports we use standard Air Mail. Only recorded services are trackable and generally will require your signature on receipt. If you have chosen a recorded option and your delivery address is in the UK, then items are sent by Royal Mail First Class “Signed For”. Otherwise International items are sent by Royal Mail’s “International Signed For” service or in some cases “AirSure”

Q: What are delivery times?
A: On average UK customer orders should be with you within two days of despatch. European customer orders should be with you within three/four days of despatch. Rest of World customer orders should be with you within four/five days of despatch.

Q: Can I add an item to an order I’ve already made?
A: We are unfortunately unable to add items to existing orders. Sorry.

Q: Can I combine more than one order to be shipped together?
A: We are unable to combine any orders. Sorry.

Q: My order includes a physical pre-order item – will you send out my package when everything is in stock?
A: Your postage is calculated based on the total number of items in your order. We will hold your entire order until the pre-order release is ready to be dispatched. If you would like to receive items that are not pre-order immediately, please make 2 separate orders.

Q: When will you despatch my pre-order?
A: Details of pre-order despatch dates are specific to each pre-order item and detailed on the release page during the pre-order period. We will do our best to ensure all pre-order items are despatched so that they arrive with you on the official day of release.

Q: My order includes a digital pre-order item, or my physical pre-order contains a download version – how do I download it?
A: You will receive an email on the day of release informing you that the digital pre-order / digital version is available to download. The email will include a link and details of how get the download.

Q: What types of payment do you accept?
A: Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Solo, American Express & JCB

Q: Are your sales secure?
A: All purchases are powered by Topspin. When you add an item to your basket you will be able to view the information on terms, privacy, support and refunds. But if you have further questions not answered there or in this section then please contact us. Topspin’s purchase experience is and has always been via SSL, the leading standard for securing online transactions. The purchase flow has the SSL icon to denote the purchase is secure. The reason we can’t display an SSL icon in the browser navigation bar is because Topspin integrates it into our site as an iFrame. This allows us to maintain consistent branding and not send you off through multiple pages to checkout, however if you right-click and select “frame info”, you’ll see you’re shopping securely. Topspin submits to regular audits from a card processing authority and both Civil Music and Topspin never store or process customers credit card data; instead, Topspin use a partner (GlobalCollect) whose specialty is card security. All credit card data is encrypted and then sent to GlobalCollect. You can also pay by “PayPal” as an alternative to credit cards if that is more convenient or if you feel more comfortable with this form of payment.

Q: Can I convert your prices into another currency?
A: All products are priced and sold in Pounds (GBP). If you wish to convert Pounds into your local currency please use the xe currency convertor to give you an indication of equivalent price.

Q: Will I be charged any import taxes or customs fees if my Item is being shipped internationally?
A: Civil Music is not responsible for customs fees imposed by countries at point of entry. The customer is solely responsible for any and all customs fees. Items refused by you on delivery and returned will not be refunded or despatched again. Customs fees are completely in the hands of the customs authorities of your home country, and rates and fees are not available for us to quote or estimate.
While we understand that Customs in your country may add duties and/or import taxes to the cost of importing your item, we are unable to change the value or markings on the customs forms, as it would subject us (and possibly you) to fines both locally and abroad, the rejection of the package as it hits the border of your country, subject the package to delays in the customs process, and possibly prevent us from exporting items like those you have purchased to your country in the future. As a matter of policy to protect our relationship with the various customs agencies, we DO NOT alter the value of your package. We apologise, but we can’t risk our business.


What is the quality of downloads are you selling?

Digital audio versions of all Civil Music releases and tracks are available in a variety of formats, which include some or all of the following:

Perfect WAV copies of the original master recordings. From CIV020 onwards usually available in 24bit Wav format at 44.1khz. (Earlier and other releases will be 16bit Wav format at 44.1khz)

Our MP3s are the highest bitrate possible (320kbps) and will play on any MP3 player. Read more about MP3 here.

Apple Lossless files are as good or better than CD quality. These files may be played in iTunes, or other Apple devices. Read more about Apple Lossless. They are .m4a files. here.

FLAC files are lossless and can be as good or better than CD quality, but will not play in iTunes or Windows Media Player. Read more about FLAC here. Note: FLAC files cannot carry meta data, so you won’t receive album art, tagged track names, etc.

MP3HD is a lossless format but is backwards compatible with the MP3 format because it stores two data streams in a single file. These files are playable in most MP3 players but you’ll need a specialised program or device to experience the lossless quality. Read more about MP3HD here.

Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) is a standardised, lossy compression and encoding scheme for digital audio. Designed to be the successor of the MP3 format, AAC generally achieves better sound quality than MP3 at similar bit rates. Our AAC files are also .m4a files. They are compressed and variable bitrate achieving quality audio generally comparable or better than 320MP3 with a saving on file size. Read more about AAC here.