• Starkey - Command (Official Music Video Civil Music 2012. Taken From Starkey - Orbits LP)
  • Starkey - Renegade Starship
  • Starkey - G V Star (Part 1)
  • Starkey - G V Star (Part 2)
  • Starkey - Thugs
  • Starkey - LZR
  • Starkey - Synchronize
  • Starkey - Dystopia
  • Starkey - And Then God Built the Cosmos
  • Starkey - Crashing Sphere
  • Starkey - The Shuttle
  • Starkey - Magnet
  • Starkey - Distant Star
  • Starkey - Command (Original Mix)
  • Starkey - Command (Plastician Trapped In The Middle Remix)
  • Starkey - Command (Drums Of Death Remix)
  • Starkey - Command (Pedro123 Remix)
  • Starkey - Command (Noisses Remix)
  • Starkey - Command (DS1 Remix)
  • Starkey - Contact
  • Starkey Featuring Charli XCX- Lost In Space (V.I.P Mix)
  • Starkey Featuring Charli XCX- Lost In Space (Om Unit Remix)
  • Starkey Featuring Charli XCX- Lost In Space (Innerpartysystem Remix)
  • Starkey - Lost In Space Featuring Charli XCX (Official New Music Video 2011) (Civil Music)
  • Starkey - Lost In Space (feat. Charli XCX)
  • Starkey - Cockroach
  • Starkey - Sunlight
  • Starkey - Street Rockers
  • Starkey - Bricks (feat. Curly Castro)
  • Starkey - Craters
  • Starkey - Starkbot Beats Space Traitor Vol.2 (Narration By Halfcast)
  • Starkey - Cockroach (Distal Remix)
  • Starkey - Lost In Space (feat. Charli XCX) (Darling Farah Remix)
  • Starkey - Sunlight (Monky Remix)
  • Starkey - Bricks (feat. Curly Castro) (The Elementz Remix)
  • Starkey - Robot Hands (Official New Music Video 2011) (Civil Music)
  • Starkey - Playing With Fire
  • Starkey - Holodeck
  • Starkey - Paradise (feat Anneka)
  • Starkey - Lenses
  • Starkey - Robot Hands (Eygptrixx Remix)
  • Starkey - Paradise (Rudi Zygadlo Remix)
  • Starkey - Paradise (ARP101 Remix)
  • Starkey - Paradise (+ Verb Remix)
  • Starkey - Playing with Fire (Ital Tek Remix)
  • Starkey - Starkbot Beats Space Traitor Vol 1 (Narration by Halfcast and Starkey)
  • Private video
  • Starkey Tour Vid, Summer 2010 - Dexfest, West Palm Beach, Dour Festival
  • Starkey @ Kreatures (Corsica Studios, London) June 12th 2010
  • Starkey

    Starkey – real name Paul Geissinger – PJ to friends – has carved out a unique space in electronic music exploring the unnamed airspace between grime and dubstep. Despite them being predominately British pursuits and the Philadelphian producers intricately crafted, sci-fi ‘street bass’ has earned respect from both camps.

    Starkey released his debut album 2008′s ‘Ephemeral Exhibits’ and his sophomore, 2010′s ‘Ear Drums and Black Holes’, on the Planet Mu Label. He subsequently released the ‘Space Traitor’ series (Vol.1 & Vol.2) on Civil Music and his genre spanning ‘Open the Pod Bay Doors EP’ on Ninja Tune before returning to Civil Music with his third long-player ‘Orbits’.

    Starkey’s music brims with big synths and bigger drums. Hard-edged hip-hop and scything bass mix with almost classical compositions and elements, but it’s Grime music that remains at the forefront of his sound.

    His break through was perhaps his inclusion is Mary Anne Hobb’s legendary BBC Maida Vale special ‘Generation Bass’. He has since worked on production for Tinie Tempah and Foreign Beggars, collaborated with Pop princess Charli XCX on single ‘Lost in Space’. P Money, Badness, Durrty Goodz, (One time Roll Deep member) Trim, Kozzie and Merky Ace have all manned the mics for Starkey on releases for No Hats No Hoods & Keysound amongst others.

    Away from his Starkey moniker, Paul Geissinger is also MOVES!!!, he lectures at Temple University in Philadelphia and runs the Slit Jockey & Seculsiasis labels.

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