Pixelord is the latest guise of Moscow-based veteran of experimental electronic music Alexey Devyanin. Tough and touching in the same breath, Pixelord’s music is at the forefront of an ever-evolving Russian electronic music scene. In addition to running his own imprint ‘Hyperboloid’  and events bringing the international electronic producers to Moscow, he has released music for Error Broadcast, Leisure System and Hit & Hope to critical acclaim.

Devayin has a rich history in electronic music and  has released under a number of different aliases (including a rich vein as Gultskra Artikler). As Pixelord the producer traverse many influences. On his first transmission for Civil Music, 2012’s ‘Supaplex’, dynamic , outlandish footwork rhythms and pitched down ghost MC’s lead the way through Russian juke, emotive digitalism and half-stepping bass works.

Multi-faceted, fearless and genre free Pixelord continues to spearheading a burgeoning Russian scene.

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Pixelord - Supaplex EP Sleeve


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