Following a youthful decade of producing beats between New York and Boston, Bennett Kuhn has honed in on a sound that spans a wide range of contemporary electronic music. Ranging from futurist hip-hop through Chi-Town juke to post-dubstep, Kuhn’s sound is raw, energetic and individual.

Irrepressibly linked to Astro Nautico, the Brooklyn-based label/blog/party collective co-founded in 2009 by Kuhn along with Obey City and Paul Jones, his initial output came in the form of a series of self released free EPs. His first official release ‘Slime Beach’, debuted on Civil Music in late 2011 with an array of remixes with his sophomore effort ‘Kings’ following a year later. Each EP overflows with diverse uptempo club tracks, Footwork-inspired rhythmic complexities and eclectic sampling palettes.

Originally a drummer, Kuhn identifies his early influences in the hyper-rhythmic post-rave experimentalism of Warp Records c.2000, which in turn gave way to a fascination with jungle, dark garage, American hip-hop and the subsequent emergence of dubstep and its many divergences. Today the result is a melting pot of styles in the tradition of wildcard electronic artists such as Luke Vibert, Daedelus, Chris Clark, Squarepusher, and Machinedrum to name a select few.

Kuhn is, in addition, a talented visual artist. Currently focused on the defunct VHS format, Kuhn himself designs the sleeve art for releases. His website www.kuhnmusic.com currently exhibits a dazzling 10min animated background flux soundtracked by a mixtape containing over 15 exclusive original and unreleased tracks.

Kuhn is on currently on hiatus. We await his return.

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Kings EP

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