Débruit is French producer and musician Xavier Thomas. His genre swerving approach to making music has always been unrestricted. His musical reference points are wild and diverse, collecting field recordings and delving into restricted archives he reinterprets discovered melodies and rhythms for synths and drum machines. Hip Hop and it’s openness to other musical styles can consistently be identified in his sonically flamboyant work.

Inspired by Western African music past and present Débruit’s universally acclaimed debut Album ‘From the Horizon’ spliced the musical roots and subsequent evolutionary patterns of Benin, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria and beyond. Harnessing the creativity and rawness of the music, from tribal beginnings through to 70’s highlife and psychedelic afro funk Débruit fused the musical expressions of the many different cultures and eras with those of his own, to create something new and unheard.

‘From The Horizon’ was preceded by three 3D EPs ‘Sis Sürpriz’ in which Débruit visited Turkey and the Middle East, ‘Spatio Temporel’ which covered West, North and Saharan Africa (and included his pièce de résistance ‘Nigeria What?), and ‘Let’s Post Funk’ which spanned the Britannic French Ouest Coast and the American West Coast.

Through designer and constant collaborator Rainbowmonkey Débruit has been able to visualize his compositions; from the 3D sleeves of EPs ‘Let’s Post Funk’, ‘Spatio Temporel’ and ‘Sis Surpriz’, to the award winning cover ‘From The Horizon’, through a series of Music Videos and in developing his Live AV show.

A remarkable musician, his compositions are filled with groundbreaking combinations of styles and sounds, constructed with passion and energy, driven by adventure and ideological principle and packed with intrigue, authenticity and tribute. They are supported by a variety of live shows; Débruit’s Intergalactic A/V Live band, his club shaking solo machine show and also performances with Sudanese vocalist Alsarah (following the release of their collaborative project on the legendary Soundway label).

Synth-funk futurism, Twanging Highlife guitars, African sound systems, downtown L.A. block parties gone wrong and  freaky Tunisian backstreet souks; all powered by a fat hip hop engine. This is the franticly wonderful world of Débruit.

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