From a young age, Michael Anthony Wright was never fully satisfied by just listening to music, with his curiosities leading him to modifying electronic equipment, turntables and tape recorders. This ultimately blossomed into his finding of solace in sound and music, through means of studying music at college and sound design at LLC, and completely immersing himself into the musician’s lifestyle of dedication and practice. After going through the motions of playing in bands and improvising with the London Sinfonietta with his own custom-made software, Wright experienced captivating moments of magic on the dance floor at House and Disco night’s such as DJ Fonteyn’s Computer Blue in East London.

From here on, Wright would be known as Brassica, releasing music through the likes of Dissident, Nocturnes and Everyone Records, before finding his way to Civil Music. His two releases ‘Temple Fortune’ (released Novemeber 2012) and ‘Hayat Zor’ (released in November 2013) incorporates analog synths, vintage drum machines, rave nostalgia, 80’s electronic pop, cosmic slow jams, avant-garde electronics and a melancholic crush of Italo, Electro and disco bearing vocals.

Wright has matured into a continually fascinating producer, distilling all the influences from his storied musical past; rave, new wave rock, synth music, experimental noodlings, ambient music and disco to name but a few. Brassica has found a sound that is uniquely his, equally based in his enviable level of musical skill as it is in his personal experience.

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